The ACCESS Project Team


ACCESS:  Project Team Members

From left to right: Jessica Cecava, Cathy Schelly, Cynthia Spang Tate, Jayne Mohar, Patti Davies, Marla Roll, Wendy Colgan, Jesse Hausler, Julia Kothe, and Craig Spooner.

The ACCESS Project

ACCESS was a three-year initiative designed to promote Universal Design for Learning and student Self-Advocacy. The project, based in the Department of Occupational Therapy, began in 2005 with funding from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Postsecondary Education (Grant #P333A050015). In 2008 the Project was awarded another three years of funding (Grant #P333A080026). That same year, ACCESS was honored with the 2008 N. Preston Davis Unit Group Award for Instructional Innovation.

Photo Name Position
Cathy Schelly Cathy Schelly, M.Ed., OTR ACCESS Project PI,
Director of the Center for Community Partnerships (CCP)
Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy
Cathy Schelly Patti Davies, Ph.D., OTR ACCESS Co-PI and Director of Research,
Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy
Marla Roll Marla Roll, M.S., OTR

Director of the Assistive Technology Resource Center (ATRC)
Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy

Craig Spooner Craig Spooner, M.A. ACCESS Project Coordinator and Instructional Designer
Julia Kothe Julia Kothe, M.Ed. Self-Advocacy Coordinator,
Assistant Director of the Center for Community Partnerships (CCP)
Cynthia Spang Tate Cynthia Spang Tate, M.A. Disability Specialist/Research Associate,
Employment Consultant for the Center for Community Partnerships (CCP)
Patrick Burns Patrick Burns, Ph.D. UDL Institutional Liaison,
CSU Vice President for IT and Interim Dean of the Libraries