DAISY Hardware Reading Options

APH BookPort

Cost:  $395.00

It features both text-to-speech capabilities and digital audio support. This means you may read electronic files (with synthetic speech) or digital recorded books (with human speech). The unit contains state-of-the-art hardware such as a universal serial bus (USB) connector and a CompactFlash® card slot for removable mass storage. Book Port also acts as a recorder, letting you take audio notes on the material you read. Will support DAISY 3 and will also automatically back-translate Braille files, such as the .brf files used by the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) for Web Braille. The process is quick and transparent, and yields good results.

PlexTalk Portable Recorder

Cost:  $895.00

Designed to basically resemble a book, this device is a rich and complex tool which offers much more than DAISY book playback. A built-in microphone allows the recording of class lectures - up to 90 hours on a single recordable CD. Recordings can be transferred to a PC and then edited with Plextalk Recording Software (included). It can act as a standard external CD-RW drive when attached to a PC. Creates DAISY digital Talking books compatible with eClipseReader PC-based talking book reader. Import a text file and convert to MP3 audio with auto phrase detection. Other capabilities include a clock, alarm, calculator clipboard, and audio notepad. You can also employ voice bookmarks that you record, instead of simple numbered bookmarks. The machine can store bookmark information for 10,000 bookmarks for each of up to 1000 disks. The PTR1 does not yet play DAISY3.

Scholar Digital Talking Book Player

Cost: $243 - ( $199 from RFBD.org (will accept PIN numbers if purchased from RFB&D)

The Scholar will accept standard CDs and MP3 CDs. Primary controls are easily identified by their larger size and tactile rubber construction, while secondary controls are smaller and feature a chrome finish. The Scholar talking book player will provide instant access to specific page numbers and chapters in the DAISY structure, and includes a full numeric keypad with bookmarking feature. An LCD screen displays disc details for "at a glance" teacher monitoring. Lightweight headphones are included. Plays DAISY3.

Professor Digital Talking Book Player

Desktop Audio System Telex Professor

Cost $300.00

This new desktop audio system provides multiple ways to listen to accessible content. It combines a CD player which plays standard or DAISY compatible CDs, a four-track cassette player, and an AM/FM radio with 32 presets. Easy-to-use navigation buttons help you quickly book mark or move to a specific page. Plays DAISY3.

Victor Reader Classic+

Cost:  $375.00

Easy CD insertion/removal. Also plays audio and MP3 CDs. Play speed with pitch compensation. Highly intelligible variable play speed.  Supports all DAISY navigation levels. Navigate easily by chapter, section, page, paragraph, and so on.  Key Describer Function Speaks functions of each key. Digital Sound Quality Use the high-quality built-in speaker or your earphone set.  Compact, portable and sturdy Goes anywhere with you, using rechargeable batteries and built-in carrying handle.  Place vocal notes in books, record course lectures, make to-do lists, record audio content from other devices, and more. Does not play DAISY3.

VictorReader Stream


Since it is ultra-compact and sleek, you can take it everywhere. No need to bring CDs with you. The unit stores everything in its SD memory card. Only the size of a deck of cards, it fits in the palm of your hand and can easily be carried in a pocket or clipped on your belt in its attractive case.

Victor Reader Vibe

Cost: $219.00

Accessible with embossed tactile markings: tactile zones and markings for easy recognition of controls.  Standard CD player: also plays audio and MP3 CDs. Advanced functionalities: Go to page, Bookmarks and Speed control with pitch compensation. The most compact Daisy player in the world: Light weight 275 (g) and dimensions 29 x 148 x 138 (mm). Supports all Daisy navigation levels: Quickly go to chapter, section, page, paragraph, and so on.  All inclusive package: Earphones, power adapter, carrying case and rechargeable batteries. Simple firmware upgrade via CD. Does not support DAISY3.

Book Courier

Cost:  $379.00

BookCourier includes a built-in MP3 player; a built-in voice recorder; fast forward and fast reverse controls; bookmarks, jumps, and other smart navigation controls; a built-in alarm, sleep timer, clock, and calendar; plus easy-to-use controls for adjusting volume, reading speed, and more. Plays DAISY3.

For more information, see the combined list of hardware and software approved by Daisy Consortium.