Braille Production Software

Duxbury Braille Translator (DBT)

DBT can import files from popular word processors including Microsoft Word and WordPerfect, HTML, ICADD, DAISY/NISO/NIMAS, formatted and plain ASCII, earlier Braille editors such as EDGAR and Polkadot, Duxbury's own historical file formats, and more. DBT can translate print to Braille, or from Braille to print. LATeX output generated by Scientific Notebook can be imported into DBT and transcribed to Nemeth using Duxbury Braille translation software.

Duxbury Systems, Inc.
270 Littleton Rd., Unit 6,
Westford, MA 01886-3523 USA
Telephone: (1-978) 692-3000
Fax: (1-978)692-7912

Duxbury Braille Translator for Windows $595.00

Goodfeel Music Braille Production Software

GOODFEEL automatically converts several kinds of music files to braille - the same files used to print the score for sighted players. To prepare and transcribe these files with GOODFEEL, you do not need to know how to read Braille music; however, you should know how to read print music notation and how to use Windows-based software.

Dancing Dots
1754 Quarry Lane
P.O. Box 927
Valley Forge, PA 19482-0927
Voice: 610 783-6692
Fax: 610 783-6732

Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word

Scientific Word and Scientific WorkPlace can both produce LATeX which can be turned into Nemeth Braille.

MacKichan Software, Inc.
19307 8th Avenue, Suite C
Poulsbo, WA 98370-7370
Phone: 360-394-6033
Toll-free: 877-724-9673
Fax: 360-394-6039

Scientific WorkPlace 5.5 $845.00 Scientific Word 5.5 $630.00


A freeware program that will print Braille formatted files created by a range of software, including but not limited to MegaDots, Duxbury, PokaDots, MicroBraille.