Student research questionnaire

The ACCESS Project has been worked closely with instructors at Colorado State University who teach large (n≥250 students per section) “gateway” courses. In these targeted courses, the lack of student retention (indicated by the number of drops, withdrawals, D’s and F’s) is troubling. We have gathered data during the ’07 spring semester using instructor and student questionnaires to measure the level of UDL implementation in these courses. Results of this preliminary study can be found in our recent publication:

Schelly, C. L., Davies, P. L., & Spooner, C. L. (2011).
Student Perceptions of Faculty Implementation of Universal Design for Learning.  Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability, 24(1), 17-28.

The ACCESS team in now preparing another manuscript that will present exciting new data, based on a revised and improved UDL survey.